Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shells on Petras Beach

Shells on Petras Beach II
Shells on Petras Beach
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This post is from my running series on pattern and texture in nature. I hope you enjoy. I confess that this arrangement of shells isn't completely natural. During a morning of beach photography during an extended stay on Crete, I had been gathering these colorful shells as I was walking down the beach with my camera. I came to an area of dunes with blowing sand and thought I'd experiment a little. I tossed a handful of shells down at the top of one of the dunes and watched the sand fill in around the shells creating the frame you see here.

Believe it or not this photo won the nature category of a juried contest/exhibition I entered during my stay on Crete.

Canon EOS 5D
Focal Length: 100 mm
Aperature: f/10
Exposure: 1/100 second
ISO 100

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  1. Nice! I'll always think of my time on Crete when I see this photo...wonderful memories.