Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grey Matter

Grey Matter by right2roam
Grey Matter, a photo by right2roam on Flickr.

I'm going through withdrawals. I've been pulled from the rugged and wild California Central Coast to the soft, gentle, rolling landscapes of the East of England. I'm still at least as determined to continue the fun of making my nature and travel images, but as you can imagine, I'm now forced to look at some subjects differently. I'm finding that the shift is forcing me to once again focus more on smaller, closer, and intimate details as opposed to the wider and wilder of the western U.S.

My last three posts to Flickr are examples of what I've been finding of photographic interest in this area so far. Please don't be offended if you're from this part of the U.K. and know of something more along the line of jaw dropping. I'm new here and on the hunt for new subject matter, and any pointers will definitely be appreciated.

Now back to those smaller details...
During a walk on the beach at beautiful Holme Dunes National Nature Reserve I came across stretches of sand with patterns like this. Maybe not exactly spectacular, but I think its interesting. Without explanation someone might think that this pattern is a vast stretch of Sahara sand dunes imaged by an orbiting satellite. But really the ridges and valleys are on the scale of mere inches, captured with my now outdated Canon G10 point-and-shoot.

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