Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque by right2roam
The Blue Mosque, a photo by right2roam on Flickr.

I was only in Istanbul for a couple of nights, just enough to get an impression of this amazingly diverse city. This shot was not by any means technically difficult. A shopkeeper in the old city invited me to his rooftop for tea and what he claimed was the city's best view of the mosque.

Visiting the Blue Mosque

This shot of the interior of the mosque was a little trickier. I probably worked this location for a half hour, trying for just this effect. Holding my Canon G10 by hand, I braced myself against a pillar in the corner hoping to convey the scale, detail, lighting, and movement within the mosque. Without a tripod, at 1 second and ISO 100, many of the shots were too blurry. But I got a couple where the lighting and color balance combined well with the movement of people.

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